CodeMirror Integration

Integrating with the CodeMirror Javascript Library helps define WP Editor and sets it apart from any competition, including the default WordPress editors.

CodeMirror provides incredible functionality that allows you to customize the editor the way you see fit.

From themes, to line numbers, to active line highlighting, WP Editor and CodeMirror create an experience you will never forget.

Ajax File Browsing

Tired of searching through an endless list of files, only to find that the one you are looking for is not there?

WP Editor combines the powerful features of the native WordPress AJAX functionality along with its own set of functions that find every supported file and in each theme and plugin folder.

The contents are laid out in an easy manner which allows you to freely navigate and edit without any hassle at all.

Nivo Lightbox Integration

When using the default WordPress Editor, there is no way to access images that are embedded in the theme and plugin folders.

WP Editor changes this by integrating with Nivo Lightbox. This state-of-the art image viewing platform allows you to view images right from within the editor.


The WP Editor settings are designed with the same excellence as the code editor, to give the user an incredible experience from start to finish.

The tabs are easy to navigate and provide helpful descriptions as well as the original, default value for each option.

Each section is easy to get to, making use of jQuery to navigate between. The settings page also remembers the last tab you saved it on, letting you easily come back and continue tweaking.